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How can Suncoast Security Help You?
As one of the nation's fastest growing security companies, Suncoast Security offers leading edge security solutions, featuring our unique aironomic detection technology. Suncoast Security Systems are fully equipped to help keep you and your family safe. Suncoast Security understands that clients not only expect a security system to be reliable, but for the equipment to fit effortlessly into their homes. That is why the Challenger Wireless Security System is such a popular choice among homeowners.


Read what our customers are saying...


About: Home Security Benefits
During my career in law enforcement, I was always concerned with safety in many ways, including intrusion alarms....the Challenger Extreme Security System is an outstanding unit compared with other systems available on the market today.  I will feel very good in recommending the System to my many friends and others."       
- Col. Earl G.H., Tampa


About: Buying from Suncoast Security
My wife and I would like to take a moment of your time to thank you for the wonderful job you did providing us with the Challenger Life Protection System.  The technology of your system is unbelievable.  I have searched for several years all across this country for an alarm system, but nothing came close to yours.  We also want to thank you for all of the time you spent with us helping design our system to our liking.  Please feel free to use us for a recommendation anytime.     
- Calvin H., Summerfield


About: The Value of Home Security

We feel it has been an excellent investment. Since we purchased it, we have used it in our home in central Florida and also in our home in northern Illinois.  We also kept it available while travelling in case we were uneasy where we were staying.  We like the idea that it is portable.

- Joan L., Leesburg






Home Security Commitment

Suncoast Security is committed to excellence and affordability when it comes to securing your home. That's why we're a leader in home security and the best choice for a world-class security system backed by a company that is dedicated to serving your home security needs. Your family is your top priority. Your home is probably your largest investment. Why not take the extra precaution of providing a home security system and security monitoring for your residence? Suncoast Security is committed to helping you meet your home security needs and providing you with service you can depend on.

Home Security Value

The average yearly home insurance premium in the U.S. costs over $800. The good news is that many plans offer discounts up to 20% on home insurance for homes with security systems.  For many, the investment in a Challenger 9.0 home security system makes sound economic sense.  You too can have the peace of mind knowing that your family and home will have the extra protection of a residential security system. Our wireless Challenger 9.0 home security system is one investment you can't afford to ignore.

Home Security Choices

Our home security packages are designed to fit almost any budget. Let us help you find the right system for your needs, so you can start protecting your home and family today.

Home Security Statistics

2013 FBI Crime Statistics:

  • Each year in the United States, a burglary occurs every 3 minutes.
  • Most burglaries occur during the day between 8:30am and 5:30pm.
  • The average residential burglary victim lost $6,495 depending on the area.
  • Homes without a security alarm system that matches the criminal profile are at least 3 times more likely to be burglarized or robbed than those with the full perimeter defense provided by the Challenger 9.0 security system.
  • Statistics prove the direct correlation between a deteriorating economy and an increase in property crime.