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Frequently Asked Questions


How does it work?
The Challenger Security System works on the principle of aironomics, originally utilized by the US Military.  Simply stated, the Challenger detects normally imperceptible shock waves created by a perimeter breach at the designated structure or home.  The shock waves created by a burglar are akin to the ripples created by a projectile hitting a lake surface.
What makes the Challenger unique and different from other home security systems?
Unlike conventional home security systems, the Challenger Home Security System from Suncoast Security does not require contacts, motion sensors and glass break sensors.   Most importantly, the Challenger sounds the alarm before the criminal gets inside your home.  The preceding is an important point;  we need to give the criminal an "attitude change" before he gets inside - the threat level generally escalates the closer the criminal gets to the occupants.
It is also interesting to note that some of our "snow bird" clients will take the Challenger with them as they travel back and forth between residences - with personal safety in their home being the priority.
What about pets?
Pets (large, small, or aviary for that matter), do not trigger the alarm - unless they shatter glass doors / windows or break down doors.
Are false alarms an issue with this technology?
Due to the advanced circuitry and configuration of the Suncoast Security Challenger system, false alarms are virtually non-existent.
We have over 6,000 square feet under air, would that be a problem?
Generally, we have been conservative in stating the actual capabilities of the Suncoast Security Challenger system.  As a point of reference though, we have a client who resides in a 16,000+ square foot home.  The system is quite capable of protecting your entire living quarters.

Can we arm the system during the day and still live normally in our home?
Absolutely.  As a matter-of-fact, we have advised our clients to consider arming their Challenger Home Security system even during the daytime when they are home.  That is because the majority burglaries now occur during the day.
Normal activities inside the home do not trigger the alarm.  However, if in the midst of that "normal" living, a perimeter breach were to occur, the Challenger sounds the alarm instantaneously.
I tried to find other companies with this technology and could find none.  Is there a reason for that?
Suncoast Security Resources is the exclusive source of the aironomic Challenger Home Security System.  Historically, a number of companies have tried to imitate our technology, but to no avail.  In reality, the Challenger Extreme is a life protection system because not only does it provide complete perimeter security, but can also be configured to provide real-time GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) Tracking as well as Emergency Notification via a medical pendant / wrist watch.
Unlike novelty devices out there, the aironomic Challenger Home Security System is not a toy.  Be wary of cheap technology and trinkets you see marketed elsewhere - your life and property could be at risk.  
My wife and I have our home on the market.  We expect to relocate in a few months.  Can we use the device if we simply transport it with us to our new home?
Yes, you would simply unplug and take the unit with you.  Feel free to give us a call and we'll be glad to give you some pointers.
I travel quite a bit in my RV.  Can I use the Challenger for my motor home as well?
Yes, the Challenger is perfectly suited for life on the the road.  Portability is one of the key features of our technology.
Our physician advised us to get an emergency pendant because my wife has slipped and fallen in our home a few times.  Would your emergency pendant / wrist transmitter be a solution?
The Challenger system can be equipped with the optional emergency pendant / wrist transmitter to call EMS or 911 in case of a medical emergency.  Call us for details.
Does the Challenger System also protect the garage?
The System covers living quarters under air.  In the case of your garage, an optimal solution would be the Challenger PIR Motion Sensor;  you would then also be creating a "buffer zone" within that part of your home.
Do I need an electrician or installer to install the Challenger System in my home?
The simple answer is no.  The Challenger from Suncoast Security Resources is the only technology of its kind that is completely homeowner or end-user installed.  It is literally plug and play.  We ship units all over North America;  upon receipt our client calls our Tech Support hotline and in minutes, the home or structure is secure.  Depending on the area, if needed a technician can provide onsite guidance to the client performing the installation.
What does it mean to be CSAA Five Diamond and U.L. Certified?
Certification means greater peace of mind to you and your family than ever before.
You can rest assured your security emergencies are handled by Suncoast's experienced professionals.  It means your home or business is protected 24 hours, every day, personally and efficiently, using the most advanced equipment.  The "access restricted" state-of-the-art facility has met or surpassed the stringent standards as determined by Underwriter Laboratories (U.L.).

How can determine if the Challenger Security System is right for me and my family?
By now, most of us have noticed the increasing frequency of not only property crimes, but of physical assaults by intruders in the home.
We as law abiding citizens should refuse to be a victim, especially in our homes.  Cost effective perimeter home security is no longer an option, but a requirement in these uncertain times.  Only you know the true value of your peace of mind.   Don't wait before it's too late.  Call us for more information.