The Challenger 9.0

The Challenger 9.0 is not just another alarm system–it’s in a class by itself. The Challenger 9.0 is the most affordable and responsive alarm system for real-world conditions. It offers its users the most sophisticated perimeter security system on the market, combined with an unmatched ease-of-use. It’s portable, it’s cost-efficient, and its only competition is its older models.

You’re probably already familiar with the traditional security systems offered by other security companies–a combination of wires, sensors, and control panels. These systems all work in essentially the same way, and all share a major flaw–the trespasser is already inside before the alarm goes off. You can increase the security of these kinds of system by adding more sensors on windows, doors, screens, and walls, but these additional accessories can literally cost hundreds or thousands of dollars more, and end up requiring a significant amount of installation time before your home is secured.

The Challenger 9.0 isn’t like these other systems–it protects the perimeter of your home using proprietary technology and finely-tuned sensors to determine the normal conditions in your home. The Challenger 9.0 has specialized sensors that detect shockwaves of air, the way a seismograph detects earthquakes, on a much smaller scale, and uses these shockwaves to determine when someone attempts a break in. This means that your system will detect and trigger an alarm the instant an intruder even attempts to break a door or window anywhere on the perimeter of a building. It also means that an occupant can deliberately trigger the alarm and summon emergency services if they fall or are otherwise incapacitated.

As sophisticated as the Challenger systems have been in the past, the Challenger 9.0 moves perimeter security even further ahead. This newest generation of Challenger has doubled its already unparalleled sensor technology and upgraded its interface to provide even more sensitivity and flexibility to you. Installing the portable plug and play Challenger 9.0 instantly gives your home unmatched security. By entering your unique PIN or using the optional remote key fob, your system is armed whether you’re leaving or staying home.

The Challenger is a customizable system, too. With the optional remote sensors, the armed and monitored Challenger 9.0 can “feel” heat, fire, and unwanted water, sense uninvited intrusions, and provide instant two-way voice communication the instant there is a danger alert. All of that is accomplished for a fraction of what less sophisticated systems cost and without interrupting normal living.